AWIP is the most premier tech mentorship and networking organization based in Bay Area that gives high quality professionals in technology at all levels the exclusive opportunity to network, teach, learn and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and interests that other high level companies, age groups and industries are evaluating.

In an industry where there hasn’t been equal educational and professional opportunities for women and men, AWIP is taking a vital step towards addressing this pressing problem and asking the industry’s highest quality companies and leaders like yourself to join our efforts. It is an important time in our society to truly implement on gender equality across the board and AWIP is relying on the power of community to help do so in the technology sector.





Since coming together to form Advancing Women in Product (AWIP) in late 2016, we are the premier community in the SF Bay Area for women product managers. As part of a grassroots movement to improve diversity stats and encourage more inclusion in tech companies, we feel that AWIP will soon become a cross-gender movement—one that is championed by women and men.



  • Nancy Wang

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Lead PM, Rubrik

    Nancy is an experienced product manager and VC leading core product lines at Rubrik she was also a former PM at Google, leading products for the Google Fiber Network team.

  • Tatyana Mamut

    Executive Advisor

    Tech Executive, Former AWS, Salesforce, Ideo

    Tatyana is a General Manager & multi-disciplinary product executive who drives innovation by understanding customers deeply and leading through empathy.

  • Ron Hirson

    Executive Advisor

    Chief Product Officer, DocuSign

    Ron is an entrepreneurial executive and investor with two decades of business and product management experience and over 40 issued patents to his name. Ron currently leads Product and Customer Experience at DocuSign where he is responsible for product strategy, roadmap and development.

  • Patrick Yang

    Director of Ambassador Program

    Co-Founder & General Partner, Amity Ventures

    Patrick Yang is a venture capitalist excited to work with the next generation of entrepreneurs and help more people break into the technology field.

  • Ajantha Suriyanarayanan

    Director of Growth

    Behavioral Research Practice Lead at BlueOwl, LLC

    Ajantha has an ideological focus on understanding ‘people’, not just ‘consumers’ or ‘users’, her work has thrived in consulting and industry environments, and corporate and social enterprises.

  • Sadaf Hasan

    Director of Operations

    Project Manager, GlobalSoft, Inc.

    Sadaf is a project manager and a research analyst. As her research work, she created an engineering management model for delivering safe, secure and resilient products in the market.

  • David Cheng

    Director of Content

    Vice President, DCM Ventures

    David is an Investment Manager at DCM Ventures, a $3.5B global venture capital firm. Prior to DCM Ventures, David spent time as a product manager at StreetEasy (acq by Zillow) and Accenture Management Consulting.

  • Swetha Salunke

    Director of Marketing

    Sr. Manager, AppDirect

    Swetha is an experienced product marketing manager and strategist leading go-to-market strategies for products ranging from concept to scale. She was also part of the product strategy team at HP Inc, leading go-to-market of their new A3 products.

  • Gordon Yu

    General Counsel

    Partner at Westmoreland Partners, LLP

    Gordon is the chief legal officer of a parent holding company in the healthcare field and adjunct professor of business law at the George Washington University.



Loved the event, learned a ton. Was especially cool to see how much the younger, aspiring PM crowd valued your direct insights and advice at the end. They were starstruck! At a recent ally event at Segment, one our Designers, Annie, said, "I can only be what I can see," referring to the importance of representation— so kudos for being such an inspiring example to these budding professionals!  

▬ Chris Sperandio, PM @ Segment

I attended the AWIP event yesterday and this was my second event. Loved it - very helpful and informational, not just for PM roles but also long term corporate career growth and success. We owe you a lot for your efforts to bring together these high quality events and thank you for being the champions.

        ▬ Kaushik Raha, Wharton MBA Class of 2018