AWIP was founded in 2017 to address the gaps we saw in tech management roles that were filled by women and other underrepresented groups. As an organization, we believe that this gap largely exists due to lack of targeted skills-based training as well as executive mentorship. AWIP intends to empower women and other underrepresented groups to advance their careers to become product and technical leaders.

Therefore, our two-pronged approach offers skills-based workshops in all of our AWIP chapters globally, as well as a comprehensive Ambassadors program to introduce high-achieving PMs to executive mentors who can open the door to their next leadership opportunity. Since its founding, AWIP has experienced 2,000 percent growth, to a membership of more than 12,000. It is opening chapters in Paris, Seattle, London, Berlin and Boston, and is partnered with or sponsored by the Wharton School of Business, Workday, Redpoint, WeWork, LinkedIn and others.

We work with top companies to put on panelist series and workshops throughout the world to empower quality female and male tech leaders through equality of opportunity.

Our mission is to empower tech leaders through equality of opportunity in career advancement for both men and women.

Every woman and underrepresented minority to have equal opportunity to advance and grow in their careers and create equality by giving every one of our members the right skillsets and executive mentorship they need to succeed.


In 2017, a group of women PMs from Google, Amazon, Facebook and various startups in San Francisco got together - to create a community where they could share tips and strategies to making their voices heard. After a while, they realized their passions to empower other women were strong, and this is how Advancing Women in Product (AWIP) was founded. The world needs more role models, strong examples of women who are talented, fearless, and above all - selfless in giving back to the community so that more women can be empowered to be leaders. Studies have proven that diverse work environments make for better outcomes (for the employees as well as the business), so let's create an equal world with AWIP - where professionals of all types can have equal opportunities to advance. Come join us on that journey.


To realize our mission of equality of opportunity, we at AWIP have formed a theses of 3 pillars:

(1) skills-based trainings,

(2) executive mentorship, and

(3) thought-provoking content for offline education.

To give our members the skills they need to succeed, AWIP creates a consistent set of recurring skills-based trainings (in the form of workshops, panels, or hands-on labs) in all of our metrios. We provide these trainings at-cost for our members, because we believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to succeed. If you have an idea or would like to lead a workshop for our members, please reach out to us here.

To foster the right environment of encouragement and hands-on mentoring, we have created the AWIP Ambassadors program, where leaders from all industries and geographies can sign up to give back. Our Ambassadors to date have spoken on AWIP panels, at our corporate partners, written thought leadership articles, and at prestigious conferences such as Saastr and Grace Hopper. If you are interested in joining AWIP as an Ambassador, please sign up here.

And for all of our members who are not in a metro where we are live, no fear, because AWIP posts all of our content on Facebook and YouTube. We are also active contributors to BusinessInsider, Geekwire, and Forbes, as well as online publications such as Mind the Product and HackerNoon - so that no matter where you are, AWIP content can help inspire you and give you the right skillsets and mentorship to succeed in your career.


AWIP is one of the first women and minority empowerment movements to incorporate all genders, races, and identification into our mission, team, and leadership board. We are proud to say that we are approximately 50% men and women, have LGBT representation, and our volunteer team resides in over 5 different countries, across 3 continents.