AWIP was founded in 2017 to address the gaps we saw in tech management roles that were filled by women and other underrepresented groups. As an organization, we believe that this gap largely exists due to lack of targeted skills-based training as well as executive mentorship. AWIP intends to empower women and other underrepresented groups to advance their careers to become product and technical leaders.

Therefore, our two-pronged approach offers skills-based workshops in all of our AWIP chapters globally, as well as a comprehensive Ambassadors program to introduce high-achieving PMs to executive mentors who can open the door to their next leadership opportunity. Since its founding, AWIP has experienced 2,000 percent growth, to a membership of more than 6,000. It is opening chapters in Paris, Seattle, London, Berlin and Boston, and is partnered with or sponsored by the Wharton School of Business, Workday, Redpoint, WeWork, LinkedIn and others.

We work with top companies to put on panelist series and workshops throughout the world to empower quality female and male tech leaders through equality of opportunity.

“This is the right organization at exactly the right time,” said Dan Scheinman, former senior vice president at Cisco, board director at Zoom, SentinelOne and Arista Networks, and AWIP ambassador.

“The future is being built by tech firms in Silicon Valley and beyond. Women—who make up over 50 percent of the human population and 60 percent of graduates with advanced degrees—must be in powerful product roles where decisions are made,” said Tatyana Mamut, former general manager of AWS, vice president of product at Salesforce, senior director at IDEO, and AWIP ambassador. “Our future depends on advancing women in product and in power. We cannot delay.”

Career Corner


Advancing Women in Product is proud to present its E-Resume Book and Career Opportunities to its members, sponsors, and partners.


Our E-Resume Book brings hundreds of resumes from our talented member community to you at one click. If you are recruiter hiring for Executive, PM, Tech, Design or Marketing roles, then look no further, download our E-Resume Book by clicking “I am looking for a candidate.” If you are a member and would like to be featured on our website and E-Resume Book, submit your resume by clicking “I want to upload my resume.”

Career Opportunities

AWIP partners with tech companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia to bring you the latest job opportunities to advance the PM community.


Community Engagement


I love the AWIP events and how they are held in convenient venues around the Financial District, where I could just drop by after work. I learn a lot from the sessions and from the experienced and aspiring PMs I meet at these events. I am looking forward to the future events and especially, the mentorship program. Great job, Nancy and the AWIP team for coordinating such high quality events and helping women advance in Product!
— Madhuri, Wharton MBA
I would like to thank Awip team for the event organized the 30th of November. Great job was done for coordinating this evening where we met amazing entrepreneurs. Thanks to helping us to succeed in US and source high quality of startups for our Polytechnique incubator.
— Helene Campourcy, Founder and CEO Pink Innov’ and Founder and CEO of UmanTeX
I would like to thank Awip team for the fantastic coordination they made to organize a startups meeting event. I really do appreciate the quality of the startups met and the high level of the entrepreneurs. I spent a really nice business evening. This evening allowed me to open discussion with two startups to accelerate them in our X-UP Polytechnique incubator. Thanks a lot for this great job.
— Serge Chanchole, Head of innovation and entrepreneurship of X-UP Polytechnique