AWIP proudly presents our first inaugural summit that is geared towards providing high-potential NextGen identified by our partners the community and support they need to become the recognized product & tech leaders of tomorrow.

We've carefully hand-selected the most inspirational and accomplished speakers, who will be speaking on various topics that are essential to a NextGen product leader's growth and success.


NOVEMBER 7th, 2018 | 1PM - 8PM PT


Executive Summit Schedule

Welcome Keynote - Ron Hirson, CPO of DocuSign

As the host of the inaugural AWIP Executive Summit: Bridging the Chasm, DocuSign's CPO Ron Hirson himself will be giving a welcome keynote to the audience attending. He will be emphasizing the importance of empowering next gen women leaders in tech - and his insights given his involvement with AWIP and with DocuSign.

Keynote - Organizing for Customer Centricity: Tatyana Mamut, former GM of AWS and VP of Product at Salesforce

Customer obsession has been a key to many corporate success stories. Come hear how a proven tech executive from Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, and IDEO has incorporated that aspect into her product management ethos - across product lines, user audiences, and even international countries! 

Panel - Expanding Products in a Global Market: Meredith Brown, VP of Product at Salesforce | Tomasz Tunguz, Partner at Redpoint Ventures | Chris Keene, Former VP at VMware, CEO of Teridion

Product launches in today’s age require thinking about global audiences. Successful global product launches require careful consideration about a region’s cultural preferences, as well as demographics. We will present a stellar panel of investors and tech executives to discuss how they consider such problems on both sides of the table.

Panel - Building Strategic Partnerships & Partner Ecosystems: Shay Mowlem, SVP of Product at Rubrik

When do leaders decide to build in-house or outsource to third parties. Companies, notably Salesforce and Apple, have successfully leveraged 3rd party developers to bolster their own ecosystem of applications and services. This panel brings together notable leaders from across the enterprise and logistics industries to discuss how today’s product leaders can effective make that decision for their own organizations. 

Panel - Growing the Presence Women in Technology: Sarah Guo, General Partner at Greylock Partners | Dan Scheinman, Angel Investor and Former SVP of Corporate Development at Cisco

Many studies support the fact that women bring a unique perspective that can result in positive profit impact for an organization. However, many companies (even Google) have problems adequately representing women among its tech workforce. This panel will discuss the ways that these seasoned investors and tech execs have seen women positively an organization, and some strategies today’s organizations can employ to grow their female representation. 

Closing Keynote - Grateful for AWIP: Nancy Wang, CEO of AWIP | Patrick Yang, Director of Ambassadors Community

Pat Yang will give an opening and thank all of the AWIP Ambassadors who gave their time in speaking today. Nancy Wang will close the Summit by thanking the entire community who have made AWIP’s rocketship-style trajectory possible. While we are a organization made up 100% of volunteers, we have organically grown to over 3,000 technical women members in the SF Bay Area and internationally, with chapters now in SF, South Bay/Peninsula, Seattle, and soon Paris - to be launching with the women business leaders of ORANGE Telecom and our very own Ron Hirson of DocuSign. This of course cannot be possible without every dedicated AWIP team member, of whom I’d like to recognize the board: Roshni Uppala (COO), without whose keen attention to detail this summit would not have been possible, as well as Tatyana Mamut (our Executive Director of Culture & Design Thinking), David Cheng (Director of Content), Gordon Yu (Director of Legal), Carol Wong (Director of Partnerships), Shubha Govil (Head of the Seattle Chapter), and Bindu Tuli (Head of the Boston Chapter).







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CPOs, Directors and VPs of Product. The content will be catered exclusively towards the unique challenges of a modern product executive. In addition, the AWIP Exec Summit selection committee will be inviting a select group of outstanding AWIP community members who are on the cusp on transitioning into executive / leadership roles. This summit is a great chance to network with the next generation of product leadership!


We anticipate having ~100 total guests who will be nominated from select leaders and organizations from the tech community, with engagement being driven via panels, lightning talks, and small-group discussions. This will both be an opportunity for our AWIP Ambassadors to network and provide each other with best practices for the most common challenges facing our product leaders today, as well as for NextGen leaders to foster mentoring relationships with our esteemed Ambassador community. If you believe you are a good candidate for our inaugural summit, please complete the application form below.

When & Where is the conference?

November 7th, 2018 at DocuSign, San Francisco, CA, USA

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

If you have any questions related to the event, write us at

How do I become a Sponsor?

Want to become a sponsor? Get in touch with us here with subject line "2018 summit- sponsorship"

Are there volunteer opportunites for this event?

Yes! Contact: with subject line: "I want to volunteer for 2018 Summit"

What's the refund policy?

We don't refund tickets at any time. Please email us at with your questions.