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conversation Outline

& Questions

To help supplement your note-taking we've written out the outline and questions from our conversation. We hope it proves helpful! 

Q: Are there any specific call outs about today’s talk that you wanted to make before we get started? Any context you would like to set?

Q: How did you become an expert on this topic?

Q: What are the different components of the PM Interview process? *Look out for Sudip’s future blog post on this*

Q: Great! That’s a lot of things. Can we go through some of these in a little more detail? Let’s start with the product / design critique.  

Q: The most important of all, and the most difficult of all product management interview questions - On-the-spot problem solving. *Look out for Sudip’s future blog post on this* People get asked all sorts of open ended questions: What should Facebook build next? This is where PMs are expected to be creative. But is there method to the madness?

...Three types of questions:

  • Product Sense

  • Product Execution

  • Estimation / Analysis

Q: A lot of times interviewers ask about examples of your past life from which they try to gauge your skills. How do you prepare for that?

Q: The personality questions. There’s the obvious Strengths and Weakness questions and the ‘Tell me about yourself’ section. How would you recommend approaching these sorts of questions?

Q: And finally, we mentioned questions back to interviewers as an important section. Most people tend to come up with questions on the spot…What’s the right way to deliver and prepare for this?


Notes from Sudip

At the end of August, Sudip will be releasing a special PM Interview Cheat Sheet for AWIP to send to all event attendees. Make sure to look out for this special email!

In the meantime, be sure to follow his content HERE


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