• Tatyana Mamut

    Professor / Advisor

    Culture Risk

  • Ron Hirson

    Chief Product Officer


  • Dan Scheinman

    Angel Investor

    Enterprise and Network Technology

  • Sarah Guo


    Technology, VC

  • Arum Kang

    CEO & Co-Founder


  • Ash Casselman

    Senior Product Manager

    Product development, consumer packaged goods, enterprise strategy, global strategy, consumer insights

  • Lulu Cheng

    Product Manager

    consumer internet, discovery & recommendation, personalization, growth, new user activation

  • Nitin Julka

    Group Product Manager


  • Bo Ren

    Founder, Investor

    Product, Social Media, Consumer

  • Inga Chen

    Product Manager, Personalization Platform


  • Albert Chen

    Senior Product Manager

    Advertising, API

  • Kate Zhang

    Product Manager

    Social Media?

  • Neetika Bansal

    Engineering Manager


  • James Morehead

    Product Manager - Google News


  • Oren Yunger

    Senior Associate

    Cybersecurity and Infrastructure

  • Fawn Qiu

    Product manager

    product management, consumer product

  • Angana Ghosh

    Product Lead, Gboard

    Mobile development

  • Akankshu Dhawan

    Product Manager

    Product Management

  • Catherine Lu


    AI, enterprise, software, computer science, startups

  • Wen Shaw

    Growth Product Manager

    Growth, Consumer Product Management, Self-serve, E-commerce

  • Aarthi Srinivasan

    Head of Personalization Product, Target

    Personalization / Machine Learning / Blockchain

  • Shruti Bhat

    SVP Product & Marketing

    Data, Marketing

  • Rei Wang

    Director of Dorm Room Fund


  • Sarika Garg

    Chief Strategy Officer


  • Daniel Elizalde

    IoT Product Management Coach & Advisor


  • Sandhya Hedge

    Director of Product and Head of Product Marketing

    Enterprise, Product, Marketing

  • Shubha Govil

    Director Product Management, Cisco DevNet

    Enterprise and Networking

  • Hope Gurion

    Former SVP, Product Management @ BeachBody, Chief Product Officer @ CareerBuilder.com


  • Bridget Frey


    Real Estate

  • Yvonne Keene

    Director of Information Technology

    Technology, Executive experience

  • Kapil Chhibber

    SVP, Technology Partnerships

    VCs, startups, master networker

  • Shay Mowlem

    SVP, Product & Strategy

    Product, design, marketing

  • Homan Yuen

    Managing Partner

    Technical start-up operator, venture capital, hiring, team building, scaling

  • Bharath Ramsundar


    Deep Learning, Blockchains, Biology, Chemistry

  • Justin Dilley

    Head of Product

    B2B SaaS, Product, Scaling

  • Samantha Reynolds

    Director, Product Management

    Enterprise, Product, Blockchain

  • Bindu Tuli

    Director Of Product Management

    Product Management, Storage Management

  • Han Shen

    Founding Partner

    VC Investment

  • Vlad Margulis

    VP, Product Design

    User Experience Design and Product

  • Elizabeth Douglas


    Product, SEO, Tech, Operations

  • Ankit Brahmbhatt

    VP of Product

    Consumer, IoT, Digital Health, Mobile Apps, Startups

  • Dr Fiona Lodge

    Group SVP, CX & Digital Workspace Solutions

    Real-time communications services

  • Sandeep Garg

    VP, Product

    Product Management

  • Siobhan Neilland

    CEO/Founder & Sr Leadership Business Consultant

    NGO & Staffing Consulting Diversity Leadership

  • Shweta Shrivastava

    VP, Product

    Product Management and Marketing, Strategy, Leadership, IOT, AI/ML, Analytics

  • Jay Garg

    Group PM

    Product Management

  • Cory Kidd


    Healthcare technology, chronic care management, human-robot interaction

  • Kevin Tse

    Product Manager

    AI, Recruiting

  • Allie Miller

    Lead Product Manager, IBM Watson

    Artificial Intelligence

  • Jarah Euston

    Co-founder, Nexla

  • Alice Zhang

    VP Finance

  • Irina Farooq

    Chief Product Officer

  • Barkha Saxena

    VP, Data Science & Analytics

  • Shannon Grant


    Fundraising, Anatomy of a pitch, Storytelling, Community Building

  • Divya Shah

    Head of Products and Strategy, Digital Health

    Product, Strategy, Innovation, Consumer, Digital Health

  • Amy Hutchins

    Founder & Chief Product Officer

    * Product Management * Initial product concept ideation through creation and customer adoption * Product scale * Enterprise / B2B saas * Startups * Entrepreneurship

  • Sheila Guastamachio

    Director of Product Management

    Leadership, management, communications, product strategy; marketplaces, health tech, ad tech

  • Cristina Crespo

    Senior Experience Analyst


  • Vidya Raman

    Director Product Management, Machine Learning & AI

    Product Strategy, Marketing, Enterprise Software, AI/ML

  • Eric Schuchman

    Head of Product, All-In-One People Platform

    Leadership, Scaling, Strategy, Partnerships

  • Cack Wilhelm


    Venture capital

  • Leslie Grandy


  • Joshua Jonas

    Senior Product Manager

    VR, AR, and Ambient Communication

  • Laura Ulmer

    Principal Product Manager (Acting CPO)


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What time commitment do I need to make as an ambassador?

There is no strict time commitment that you need to make as an AWIP Ambassador. There will be opportunities to participate in events, speak on panels, or provide mentoring - but this is all at your own discretion.

What is expected of me as an ambassador?

We hope that Ambassadors are willing to spend 1-2 hours of their time with AWIP per Quarter. This time could be spent speaking on a panel, being interviewed for an article, attending an ambassador event, or mentoring the next generation of female product leaders.

What kind of benefits will I get?

First and foremost you will be a part of an organization with a great mission of empowering high potential female product and tech leaders through professional education and executive mentorship. Secondly, as an Ambassador you will have opportunities to be featured in our press (Forbes Column), speak on panels at both AWIP and outside conferences, and give back to the community of emerging product leaders.

Who are some other AWIP ambassadors?

Our ambassador community is a diverse group of product leaders, technologists, executives, and venture capitalists. Some of our most active ambassadors are Sarah Guo (Partner at Greylock), Ron Hirson (Chief Product Office of Docusign), as well as product leaders at Google, Spotify, Stripe, LinkedIn, and more. The AWIP community is growing stronger every day and we’d love to have you join us as well!